Terracotta Warriors, Xian ~ Army Formation

Private Tours vs Group Tours in Xian, China

How is Silk made? ~ 1 of 6 ~ Silk Worms

Travelbay is an Australian based travel company who provide gorgeous, great value private and small group tours to destinations around the world including Alaska, Bhutan, Borneo, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, USA & Vietnam.

In 2017, managing directors Nicola Lessing and Nikki McKee began taking iPhone video footage of their international Travelbay adventures. When they returned back home to Australia, they engaged Evolving Media to edit the content into a series of vibrant, professional website videos that could be shared on social media and the Travelbay blog.

Working on their content is an absolute joy. Nicola and Nikki are super entertaining, and I’ve learned a lot about the world along the way.

The series on ‘How is Silk made’ is absolutely fascinating… a must watch.