Touring The World As a Musician

Touring The World As a Musician

After touring the world for 9 summers back to back in Europe and Australia, Simon Asquith (today my beloved brother in law) realised that life as a musician was not all it’s cracked up to be and that there is definitely more to life and to music.

This interview (between the now husband and wife Simon and Rebecca Asquith) was produced for the international health and wellbeing website Unimed Living.

Evolving Media worked in collaboration with The Co-creative on this project supporting with video production, and provided complete post-production services.

My favourite part of this interview is at the 6:40 mark where I was able to include footage taken of Simon and Rebecca performing at my own wedding. When I first looked back at this footage I was blown away. It stood out to me how rare it is that we see two people looking at each other with such genuine love captured on film. It was a very special moment and a joy to share this with an international audience.

This video was the first released in a series of refreshingly honest interviews with musicians on their musical training, the effects of the musician lifestyle on their overall physical and emotional wellbeing, and how they produce music today.