To Medicine With Love

To Medicine With Love

What would medicine look like if doctors restored love, compassion and care back into their practice of medicine?

To Medicine with Love is a beautiful website that shines a light on the challenges that doctors and medical students face today, explores how life can profoundly change by learning to care for your self first, and simultaneously celebrates the majesty of the art and science of medicine.

Above is a selection of videos that Evolving Media filmed, produced and edited to further enrich the written content on the website. In a short afternoon of filming, we were able to produce 22 videos for the website, thanks to the gold that so naturally flows through Dr Jane Barker and Dr Anne Malatt.

The love that these women hold for their fellow doctors, their patients and the students that they teach is profoundly beautiful… and deeply inspiring.

To Medicine with Love is a true love letter to Medicine, and a love letter to us all.