Natalie Benhayon on True Sexy

Natalie Benhayon on True Sexy

Founding director of Esoteric Women’s Health Natalie Benhayon shares the profound difference between true sexiness and sexually objectifying yourself as a woman. As you can see the wisdom that she offers is absolute gold.

Produced for the Natalie Benhayon Sphere on the international health and wellbeing website Unimed Living, Evolving Media supported with the production of this video in collaboration with Flawless Imaging, and provided complete post-production services.

What set this clip apart for me was 2 things:

Firstly, I love how Natalie shares the importance of taking responsibility back from the media – rather than wait for the media to change, the power is in the hands of women (and men) everywhere to redefine sexy, and that the key to this is to walk as true role models.

Secondly, I loved the photos of women of all ages and backgrounds embracing their true sexiness. These women are living and breathing examples that there is nothing to fear in getting older, just different stages of beauty to look forward to.

In a time when we are bombarded by a false version of what it means to be sexy from almost every angle of life, the message in this video is essential for women and men of all ages.